1967 E reg Herald Restoration and Progression

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Transformation almost complete!!

After 2 years of restoration this is what Beth looks like now!! Back in July 2005 Charlie replaced her engine has the old one had had it, and in went a 1300 spitfire engine with twin SU Carbs. Her paint job was finally finished in October 2005 and her wheels were finally finished in december after being shot blasted, primed, painted and lackered in Ford Diamond white (same colour as the stripe)

It took us so long to get her upto my standards because my standards are high and we had a few problems such as some local kids vandalising her. The second engine blew up as her big ends went and her clutch was knackered

An introduction of Bethany!

My partner and i have owned our Triumph Herald for newly 2 years now. Charlie first introduced me to Triumphs when i found his laid up Dolomite in the corner of his garden, i was very inquizative and perswaded him to get it back on the road after 5years. He did alot of work to get it through its mot and he took me in it to Stoneleigh, 2004. There i fell in love with a baby blue Herald police car and from then on, we just had to find me one! After a few months we brought Bethany! A 1967 E reg, Triumph Herald 1200. We got a bargin for what we paid, as she was advertised in need of full restoration. We won her off of ebay on the Sunday, picked her up on the Monday, got her running and driving on the Tuesday, and mot'ed on the Friday afternoon. All she needed was the air un-blocking from a fuel pipe, a thumb sized hole welding up on the chassis and a new battery!! She has had a lot of money spent on her but i cant help but feel it was in the wrong places, like a new interiour when the oldwas perfectly good. and a new 1300 spitfire engine, which in the end was a 1500 spit engine and had done what looked to be 400,000 miles, rather than the 4,000 quoted!

Anyway, Charlie soon got to work on all the 'under bonnet' things and i started to find a new door and prime the body. Techniqually she really didnt need a respray (unless you wanted her to be con-course) just a new door. However i had my hopes set high on a baby blue Herald, so there was no stopping me with the primer and wet and dry paper!